I work on communications and engagement projects, with a particular love for graphic design. I'm based in Oslo (previously London), and love nothing more than a mundane fact with a quirky story.

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The Sugar in Cider

It's difficult to see how much sugar is in cider. In fact, half of all ciders have no publicly available information on the sugar they contain. I've ranked over 100 different drinks to make it easier.


The Age of Public Railways

Months of research created this interactive map which charts the age of Great Britain's railways, from 1812 to the present day. Every line is dated to its founding, with plenty of curiosities throughout.


World's Busiest Airports

I've mapped the runways of the world's busiest airports, all to scale. Passenger numbers and locations are included too.


Which brands should get your money?

Some companies and shops are going the extra mile to help their staff, NHS workers and customers. I've made a list to keep track of brands' actions.

Could I help with your next project?

Quite possibly! I can give you a hand with things like:

  • graphic design
  • communications
  • project planning
  • social media management

I love a good challenge with a chance to solve problems, big or small. I really enjoy what I do. Below are some examples of my past work.

If you have any questions, pop me an email at hi@lewiscotter.com or tweet me.


Design and campaign planning

City, University of London

Here, I planned and delivered one of the biggest events of the year – the elections to choose the next leaders of the Students' Union. I developed the communications campaign, designed the materials, wrote the copy, and worked with colleagues to ensure that the rules were accurately conveyed.

Gate fold flyer // This is the best decision you'll make

Written so every student can understand what the elections are, and the huge advantages of getting involved. Folds down to A5.

Stair vinyls // Vote today

Custom-made for the main staircases on campus.

Customisable business cards

Thousands of blank cards were printed to enable students to leave their details after talking to potential voters.

Branded balloons

Routes to key lecture rooms were mapped and targeted.

Large format outdoor posters

These A0 posters were big, bold, and bright.

One-off projects

Both freelance and full-time work is included below.

Interactive 360º video of London's landmarks

Promoting some of the brilliant student societies at Imperial College London, I jumped on a 100 year old firetruck and filmed our trip around the famous sites of the capital city.

Elections campaign

For the University of East London Students' Union. I coordinated the design and printing of the booklets and posters, along with further materials for the web, TV screens and social media.

Social media content

I designed these images to showcase the recent wins by the team at Imperial College Union.

Merchandise design and photoshoot

I designed new merchandise for Kingston University, and organised an in-house photoshoot. My work here led to us winning a new contract to produce more items.


The chaplaincies wanted flyers to highlight where students could find their services on campus. Buildings and campus features were requested by the client.

Brand development

City, University of London

The Students' Union needed a stronger brand. Using the original logo and colours, I created a revitalised brand with featuring recognisable parts of campus.

Welcome to your University booklets

These A5 20-page booklets were a guide to all the services and support that the Students' Union provides.

Large-format wall vinyl

I designed this to fill the large white walls outside the Students' Union offices, helping to increase the visibility of the brand.

Moving flyers

This A5 flyer showed the new office location by using a map of the campus to illustrate the move.

Commercial project rebranding

Kingston University, London

I led a turnaround project to improve our brand, income and student experience.

A consistent brand throughout

A7 guides, lanyards, wall calendars, guides to city life, t-shirts, backdrops, and more had to align to create a clear brand identity.

Rebranded Posters

Creating a new brand was key. I worked with four different graphic designers to bring the new identity to life. This poster, designed by one of my team, showcased the huge range of events we ran.

Freshers Fair

I led a team to organise a week's worth of events to welcome students to their new home. Freshers Fair, the flagship event, attracted over 4,000 students, 40 companies, and 15 university services.

Lanyards and guides

I designed the A7 booklet to be clipped onto lanyards. It provided an intro to the work of the Students' Union, with a lanyard that students could use year-round.

A team effort

I led a team of over 30 staff to deliver the events. It was important to ensure students felt welcomed to their new home — showing that they were part of a family was a core message throughout.

Freshers Week video

What was the week was like? Our video captures two of the best events. I worked with my team to create a brief and commission this video.

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